[meteorite-list] Montprais ? meteorite fall ?

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Date: Sat Feb 4 16:57:47 2006
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Pierre-Marie wrote:

I've found a mention of a meteorite fall in 1859 in a town (?) called Montprais... the reference to this:

HAIDINGER,W. Der Meteorsteinfall zu Montprais am 31. Juli 1859. From: Sitzber. Akad. Wiss.
math.-naturw. Kl. Wien 44, No. 2, 1861, pp.373-378.

Hello Pierre-Marie and List,

This may be the enigmatic Sologne H5 chondrite (S3; W1; br) and the small town may be Mont-Pr?s-Chambord

A 54 g stone was found by Yannick Dubouloz in a box in the attic of his late grandmother. In the box
was a handwritten note saying that the stone was a meteorite that fell in 1860. Mineralogy and classi-
fication (N. Dauphas and Y. Dubouloz, CRPG; B. Zanda, MNHNP).

Reference: Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 85, 2001 July


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