[meteorite-list] Airport Security, Brenham, and Hammerheads (funny?)

From: Robert Woolard <meteoritefinder_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Feb 6 14:37:41 2006
Message-ID: <20060206193738.12673.qmail_at_web32911.mail.mud.yahoo.com>

Hello Martin and all,

  Great story, Martin. Thanks for taking the time to
tell us all. (I really liked the part about "you would
have given a power point presentation but..." part.

  Some of my few experineces in trying to take
meteorites aboard planes have not turned out as
happily, nor as funny, as yours. Most places give me
no problem at all, but the TSA guys here in Little
Rock seem to be more picky than anywhere else. They
refused to let me take some PV slices once, saying
that I "could cut someone's throat with that, or hit
someone over the head with it". How about it? Anyone
ever read anything about someone being murdered (not
just "killed" in an ancient fall) by a meteorite??
Wonder what the CSI team could do with this plot? ;-)

  Great to have seen old friends again, and to have
made the new ones this time around at Tucson 2006!
Best wishes to all.

  Robert Woolard


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