[meteorite-list] Strewnfield artifacts

From: Dave Freeman mjwy/fossilalgae.com <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Feb 7 00:28:19 2006
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Dear Bill, List;
I think that the "artifacts" are more since they were found by a famous
meteorite hunter on a fantastic voyage to stardom. This phenomena is
not unlike the gold rush a couple of years ago to collect specimens of
"Ninningers Crapper", and "bricks" from the Meteorite Museum.
We are an odd lot of collectors...heck, baseball buffs collect balls.
Some even collect pieces of the field.
Dave F.

joseph_town_at_att.net wrote:

>I've discarded hundreds of rusty artifacts found in old dumps and the PF meteorite strewnfield. There's a 19th century dump located in the strewnfield. Is all the junk there significant? What defines these things as something other than junk?
>I have a graniteware blue swirled teapot that looks like it was hit by a meteorite.
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