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Date: Fri Feb 10 21:09:53 2006
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>There were 4 meteorite dealers who
> had it forsale
I'm not sure, whether Madam Anne did the long journey to China....
>They are all trying to recoup
> their investment.
would be another reason, that they won't dump it like Brahin.

You are right Martin, I did not go to China.
Fukang was brought out of China by a small group of people and I got a few
slices from one of them at a price comparable to Esquel.
Yes, I saw that picture too. Fukang is huge but also weathered and I am told
the whole thing will not be usable for slicing.
Finally, yes Fukang was available in Tucson, but only a few dealers had any,
and in moderate amounts, I could not say that the Show was flooded with
Fukang. In fact I saw a lot more Brenham, including of course Steve's Great New
Paperweight. ;-)

Meow to you too!!

Anne M. Black
President, I.M.C.A. Inc.
Received on Fri 10 Feb 2006 09:09:47 PM PST

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