[meteorite-list] Oriented or not?

From: Gary K. Foote <gary_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Feb 14 12:41:41 2006
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Interesting. Thanks Bernd.


On 14 Feb 2006 at 17:19, bernd.pauli_at_paulinet.de wrote:

> Hi Gary and List,
> > Campo iron. Three views. Oriented or not? I can't make up my mind.
> http://www.meteorite-dealers.com/images/campo-840g-regmaglypts.jpg
> http://www.meteorite-dealers.com/images/campo-840-back.jpg
> http://www.meteorite-dealers.com/images/campo-840-edge.jpg
> The edge-on view looks like this may be (or may once have been) a roll-over lip.
> The back and the regmaglypted views look more this may be a spalled-off piece
> off a larger mass. So maybe this is part of what may once have been a conical
> (and thus flight-oriented) mass. The compromise might be what Jim Strope called
> a "flight-marked" specimen in a former discussion on this thread.
> Cheers,
> Bernd
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