AW: [meteorite-list] oriented meteorites

From: Martin Altmann <>
Date: Tue Feb 14 19:29:13 2006
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Humm, I don't know, in which direction this discussion is turning, but I
have a ungood feeling.

My English is bad.
I thought always "oriented" is an elliptic or short form of "flight

Of course one can state that everything (except a ball) is oriented.
My finger is oriented in a geometrical space, my chair I'm sitting on, my
cat too, at least when she's sleeping...

For me orientation means, that a piece was shaped during flight, where at
least one axis of the specimen was quite stable parallely to the flight
direction, or else expressed, that it was not randomly tumbling.
That axis I want to recognize on a specimen, I want to see were the apex and
where back is, only then I call it "oriented".

If the regmaglyptes and pits have different sizes and are not elongated in a
more or less directional manner than it doesn't help,
nor if a a stone has flow lines, here and there, and on each edge in a
different direction, as you can find on fresh stones.
Or take a pristine good Sikhote, where you find on many edges also of the
pits, many flow lines poiting here and there.
Call the specimen to have flight marks, but don't call it oriented!

Take a look at the oriented Sikhote now from the Hupes on ebay.
Here we see radial flow lines and I see where the apex is. It is oriented.

If you want to see an oriented Campo,
Go on Peter Marmet's page

And take a look at that large Campo (above the pic of Ali Hmani).
There you see, that it is not only shield shape, but that the regmaglyptes
are elongated to the edges and roughly pointing to the tip of the shield.

Did I misunderstand the term "orientation" for 25 years now,
am I alone with my opinion, has orientation nothing to do with flight?


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Anyone of you can go to my website and look under my museum page and look
at my 5 kilo campo.I'd say not only sculpted,but very oriented.The shape
of an L.It also has it's own purch to sit very nicely.

                                steve arnold,chicago

Steve R.Arnold, Chicago, IL, 60120

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