[meteorite-list] Cybexx Meteorite-watches Con

From: Martin Altmann <altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Feb 16 11:18:48 2006
Message-ID: <001a01c63314$57424080$936cfea9_at_name86d88d87e2>

Hola list,

wanna laugh?


(item 8902289212)

German ebay at present is flooded with those watches (and I fear soon
US-ebay too).


Text says:

"Accuracy from another star
With meteorite quartz.

The new dimension of horology:
The CYBEXX Meteora receives its impulses from an authentic meteorite-quartz.
Nasa-researchers discovered in the desert of Arizona the exceptional
physical properties of meteoritic matter.
Crystals from inside (sic!)show not only an incredibly perfect symmetry, but
also an up to now unknown accurate clock pulse.

Rejoice in the unique precision from another star and wear this watch with
the sensation to be in contact with the universe."

Wow and you even will get a certificate of authenticity!!

Never heard of that firm Cybexx, will be Chinese stuff.....


PS: Perhaps I should say for the rookies, that quartz in a stone is a bad
sign. A criterion to exclude, that a stone is a meteorite.
(yaya I know, in some enstatites, shergottites and in some eucrites, there
might be quartz, but in such minor amounts, that if you see a shiny quartz
with your bare eyes in a stone, one can say: hands off!)
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