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Paper: Rochester Sentinel
City: Rochester, Indiana
Date: Saturday, January 14, 1877


     BLOOMINGTON, IND., Jan. 17. - Professor COX, of Indianapolis, lectured
on archeology in the university here last evening to a large audience,
composed of the faculty, students and citizens. The lecture was extremely
interesting, was highly appreciated by the audience, and did great credit to
the learning and research of Professor Cox. Allusion was made by Dr. MOSS,
on introducing the lecturer, to a portion of the great meteorite which
passed over the northern portion of our State (a) few days ago, and which
had been received by Professor KIRKWOOD, of the university. The portion
referred to is a small fragment of the piece which fell near Rochester,
Fulton county. It was seen to fall by Mr. A. J. MORRIS, a farmer living near
Rochester, whose integrity is vouched for to Professor Kirkwood by Senator
MILO R. SMITH, Fulton county. Professor Cox examined the specimen to-day and
says it is largely composed of magnetic iron ore, with small quantities of
iron sulphurets and nickel imbedded in meteoric stone. Professor Kirkwood
gave Mr. Morris $5 for the fragment and will forward it to Professor
SHEPHERD, of Yale college, to-morrow, he having written to Professor
Kirkwood to secure him a specimen as soon as it was learned fragment has
fallen in this State. Professor Shepherd will add it to his collection of
meteoric stone, which is said by Professor Kirkwood to the finest in the
world. The statement made by Dr. Moss that Professor Kirkwood held to the
opinion that the late meteorite was thrown off from the sun and found its
way to the earth is a mistake; at least not in the sense most persons would
understand that statement of Dr. Moss. Professor Kirkwood gives it as his
opinion that this and all other meteors are comets, which have encountered
the earth in their orbits around the sun.


Clear Skies,
Mark Bostick
Wichita, Kansas


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