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Date: Mon Feb 20 05:03:36 2006
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Talking of rock stars...

This site has some great photos of the geology of the Ross Sea area and a
page on meteorites in the Antarctic. Most of the fantastic photos on the
site were taken back in the 1950's.

The author details how his party discovered the Allan Hills meteorite field
25 years before it was realized it WAS a meteorite field...ALH840001 would
have to wait a little longer to be found.

"As we walked over the icefield we saw scattered about reddish, rusty and
burnt looking volcanic cobbles some up 8 or 9 inches across. I banged at
them idly wondering how they could be there. They were too big to have blown
there and there was no rock outcrop further west. Decided they must have
been brought up from deeper down by glacial shear and by ablation (which
they undoubtedly had been) we left them as being worthless erratics and
carried on."

If you are interested in geology you will enjoy this site.

Chris Sharp

Dave Freeman (rock star) scribed

Good evening List, Steve;
Allan Hills, ALHA, further information in Rocks From Space, p. 319-323.
Oh, and it is a rock star!
Dave F.
(also a rock star)

Steve Arnold, Chicago!! wrote:

>Good evening list.I just picked up a most interesting book.It is called,A

>ROCK FROM MARS.It is written by kathy sawyer.It is about ALLEN HILLS

>84001.The first known meteorite from mars.It takes into account a great

>debate amongest some of the greatest scientific minds concerning possible

>life on mars.It is great reading so far.The author also takes into account

>such topics as the meaning of life and the impulses that fuel intellectual

>discoveries.It basically turns a lowly meteorite into a rock star.It is a

>most desired reading.



> steve arnold,chicago


>Steve R.Arnold, Chicago, IL, 60120
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