Re-3: [meteorite-list] Best ALH84001 Meteorite Book

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Date: Mon Feb 20 11:28:02 2006
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Jim wrote (probably to tempt some of us :-)

"Why bother dreaming about ALH84001 when you can have the
next best thing.......NWA 998 ( ):"

"NWA 998 is also described as containing ankeritic carbonates."

"Another scientifically important discovery with NWA 998 is the presence of
water bearing minerals within the meteorite ... only NWA 998 contains these
water bearing minerals."

Oh boys (and girls),

.. how lucky and happy I am that I don't have to be coaxed into buying NWA 998
from Jim for the simple reason that I did so back in July 2003 when I purchased
a thin section plus a crusted piece(!) of that exotic, rare and beautiful Martian.

It's a meteorite that will leave you breathless and the 16x thin section picture I
took under crossed polars rivals the colors you see when viewing ureilites, angrites,
acapulcoites, and other achondritic beauties with polars crossed.

Jim, thank you once again for this beautiful combo!

Cheers and best
martian wishes,


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