[meteorite-list] Pultusk total mass

From: Alexander Seidel <gsac_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Feb 20 14:17:00 2006
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MetBase 7.1 states "250 kg (preserved in collections)". Then again, this
should at best be interpreted as a lower limit and the actual figure will
surely be higher due to recent recoveries from the strewnfield alone, and
may be additional material which may have surfaced over time but was not
"verified" so far, due to lack of official confirmation as being of Pultusk
origin for one or the other reason.

The distribution - according to MetBase 7.1 is:

25.9kg: Paris, Mus. d'Hist. Nat.
20.4kg: Warsaw, Muz. Ziemi, Polish Acad. Sci.
17.9kg: Vienna, Naturhist. Mus.
17.8kg: Cracow, Geol. Inst., Polish Acad. Sci.
17.5kg: London, Nat. Hist. Mus.
15.0kg: Bonn, Min. Mus. Univ.
14.1kg: Moscow, Acad. Sci.
12.9kg: Chicago, Field Mus. Nat. Hist.
10.6kg: Berlin, Mus. Naturk., Humboldt Univ.
8.6kg: Ivano-Frankov, Geol. Mus.
7.36kg: St. Petersburg, Mining Mus.
6.6kg: Warsaw, Geol. Inst., Polish Acad. Sci.
5.25kg: Moscow, Min. Mus. Geol. Inst.
4.84kg: Stockholm, Naturhist. Riksmus.
4.8kg: Cracow, Min. Dept., Jagellonian Univ.
4.42kg: Budapest, Nat. Mus.
3.26kg: Washington, U.S. Nat. Mus.
2.00kg: Budapest, E?tv?s Lorand Univ.
1.59kg: Uppsala, Univ.
1.45kg: Tempe, Arizona State Univ.
1.37kg: Cracow, Geol. Dept., Jagellonian Univ.
1.37kg: Rome, Inst. Min. Mus.
1.25kg: Tallinn, Geol. Inst. Acad. Sci.
1.23kg: Bremen, Koblitz Colln.
1.19kg: Hamburg, Mus. Min.-Petrogr. Inst.
1.19kg: Cambridge, Harvard Univ.
1107g: New York, Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist.
1104g: Berlin, Tech. Univ.
987g: Rome, Vatican Observatory Colln.
986g: Jena, Min. Inst. Univ.
928g: Prague, Nat. Mus.
920g: Fort Worth, Texas Christ. Univ., Monnig Colln.
843g: Ann Arbor, Univ. of Michigan
842g: Mainz, Max-Planck-Inst. Chemie
836g: Bern, Naturhist. Mus.
834g: Bern, Phys. Inst. Univ.
816g: Helsinki, Geol. Mus. Univ.
795g: Brussels, Inst. Roy. Sci.
788g: New Haven, Yale Univ., Peabody Mus.
762g: Stuttgart, Staatl. Mus. Naturk.
737g: Poznan, Inst. Paleozoology
714g: Copenhagen, Univ. Geol. Mus.
712g: T?bingen, Min.-Petrogr. Inst.
703g: Oslo, Min.-Geol. Mus.
674g: St. Petersburg, Geol. Faculty, Univ.
660g: Paris, ?cole des Mines
643g: Strasbourg, Min. Mus.
606g: Utrecht, Lab. Geofis. Geochem.
595g: Kiev, Geol. Mus. Ukraine
592g: Melbourne, Nat. Mus. Victoria
546g: Madrid, Mus. Nac. Cienc. Nat.
539g: Marburg, Min. Mus. Univ.
500g: Li?ge, Univ.
476g: Z?rich, ETH
456g: Lund, Min. Geol. Inst. Univ.
451g: Ottawa, Mus. Geol. Surv. Canada
447g: Milan, Mus. Civico di Storia Nat.
441g: Greifswald, Geol. Dept. Univ.
430g: Z?rich, J.Nauber Colln.
401g: G?ttingen, Min. Inst. Univ.
385g: M?nster, Min. Mus. Univ.
378g: Wroclaw, Dept. Min. Petrol., Univ.
376g: Bologna, Min. Mus. Univ.
363g: Kharkov, Mus. Gorkii Univ.
356g: Kankakee, Illinois, J.Schwade Colln.
345g: Oxford, Univ. Mus.
339g: Edinburgh, Roy. Scottish Mus.
334g: Algonquin, DuPont Colln.
321g: Turin, Inst. Min. Mus.
319g: Hanau, Zeitschel Colln.
319g: Sch?nenwerd, Bally-Prior Mus.
311g: Minsk, Geol. Mus.
305g: Heidelberg, Min. Inst. Univ.
301g: Colorado Springs, Tiara Observatory
292g: Kazan, Geol.-Min. Mus., Ulyanov Univ.
287g: Cluj, Min. Mus. Univ.
282g: Basel, Naturhist. Mus.
270g: Chemnitz, Mus. Naturk.
227g: Delft, Mining Inst.
226g: Halle, Univ.
225g: Troyes, Mus. d'Hist. Nat.
224g: Tucson, Haag Colln.
203g: Pretoria, Geol. Surv. Mus.
198g: Perm, Min. Mus. Univ.
180g: Malta, Montana, M.Cilz Colln.
174g: Gifhorn, Bartoschewitz Colln.
160g: Braunschweig, Techn. Univ.
160g: Rio de Janeiro, Mus. Nac.
151g: Dresden, Min. Geol. Mus.
148g: Heidelberg, Max-Planck-Inst.
146g: Lvov, Min. Mus. Univ.
135g: Saratov, Min. Mus. Univ.
130g: Prague, Chem. Tech. School [approx. weight]
118g: Canberra, Austr. Nat. Univ.
110g: Brno, Purkyne Univ. [approx. weight]
110g: Darmstadt, Landesmus. [approx. weight]
110g: Lvov, Mus. Polytechn. Inst.
108g: Naples, Univ.
107g: Calcutta, Mus. Geol. Surv. India
105g: Bettlach, T.Stuedi Colln.
98g: Moscow, Geol. Mus., Acad. Rural Economy
94.6g: G?ttingen, A.Gehler Colln.
93g: Leipzig, Geol. Phys. Univ.
92g: Philadelphia, Acad. Nat. Sci.
91g: Dnepropetrovsk, Mus. Mining Inst.
91g: Mexico City, Inst. Geol.
88g: Frankfurt am Main, Naturmus. Senckenberg
88g: Wiesbaden, Mus.
85g: Florence, Univ.
84.5g: Paris, A.Carion Colln.
83g: Giessen, Univ.
80.0g: Bern, Peter Marmet Colln.
75g: Zagreb, Min.-Petrog. Mus.
73g: Amsterdam, Nat. Inst. Kernfys.
71.6g: Linz, Obermair Colln.
68g: Odessa, Geol.-Min. Mus. Univ.
66g: Cambridge, Univ.
64.7g: Pisa, Univ. Inst. Min. Petrogr.
63g: Novosibirsk, Geol. Mus., Siberian Branch
63g: Leiden, Geol. Min. Mus.
57g: Los Angeles, Univ. of Calif.
57g: Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Public Mus.
56g: Sydney, Austr. Mus.
55g: Riga, Nat. Mus. Latvia
52g: Geneva, Mus. d'Hist. Nat.
52g: W?rzburg, Min. Mus.
51.6g: San Ramon, T.Toffoli Colln.
50g: Geneva, J.T.Erb Colln.
49g: Graz, Mus. Joanneum
49g: St. Louis, Mus. Acad. Sci.
43.5g: Buenos Aires, Asoc. H. Pampa
40g: Dublin, Geol. Mus. Univ.
35g: Freiburg, Min.-Petrogr. Inst.
34g: Freiberg, S?chs. Bergakad.
33g: Albuquerque, Univ. of New Mexico
33g: Riga, Republ. Doma
32g: Austin, Univ. of Texas
32g: University Park, Genth Colln.
30.7g: Leonding, Raab Colln.
30g: Altenburg, Mus. Naturk.
30g: Houston, E.A.King Colln.
30g: Zwickau, Mus.
27.5g: Lugano, Nat. Hist. Mus.
27g: Belgrade, Nat. Hist. Mus.
26.8g: Gloggnitz, Franger Colln.
26.5g: Bochum, Ruhr Univ.
26g: Sarajevo, Bosnian Nat. Mus.
25.9g: M?nster, Inst. Planet. Univ.
25g: Dublin, Nat. Mus.
24g: Berlin, Geogr. Inst. Univ.
24g: La Plata, Mus.
21.8g: Stade, A.Seidel Colln.
20g: Bologna, Astron. Observatory
19g: Freiburg, J.Otto Colln.
18.5g: Toronto, Roy. Ontario Mus.
16g: Amsterdam, Lab. Isotop. Geol.
16g: Gotha, Mus. Naturk.
14g: Graz, M.Stangl Colln.
14g: Tautenburg, Richter Colln.
12g: Perugia, Min. Inst. Univ.
10.7g: Villiers, Guibert Colln.
10g: Modena, Min. Inst. Univ.
9.7g: Tucson, Flandeau Planetarium
9.2g: Oeschgen, Beat Booz Colln.
9g: Durango, Colorado, B.Reed Colln.
9g: Minussinsk, Regional Mus.
9g: Rudolstadt, Mus. Heidecksburg
8.5g: Debrecen, Reform College
5.5g: K?ln, Univ.
3g: Machecoul, Guibert Colln.


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> Betreff: [meteorite-list] Pultusk total mass
> Datum: 20 Feb 2006 18:56:11 UT
> Hello List,
> As the number of individual stones cited in the literature vary widely,
> it is really difficult to come up with accurate numbers and a reliable
> TKW. Some examples that show what I mean:
> 1. Quenstedt, T?bingen, 1872, in lectures on geology, p. 299:
> "... Pultusk near Warsaw where they probably fell in the one hundred
> thousands."
> 2. Another source that I cannot trace back exactly but which must have
> been
> published about the same time (maybe M. Neumayr, 1895, Leipzig and
> Vienna):
> "The Paris Mueseum of Natural Sciences alone houses 950 complete stones."
> 3. SEARS D.W.G. (1978) The Nature and Origin of Meteorites, p. 33:
> "The largest was probably Pultusk, which was composed of some 100000
> fragments."
> 4.. NORTON O.R. (1998) Rocks From Space, 2nd edition, pp. 73-74:
> "Over one hundred thousand stones (possibly as many as three hundred
> thousand)
> rained down near the Polish town of Pultusk."
> 5. The "Blue Book" said:
> " [an] estimated 2000 kg fell, total number of fragments having been about
> 180000."
> Cheers,
> Bernd
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