[meteorite-list] Okay, who can identify this?

From: Dave Freeman mjwy <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Feb 22 21:31:04 2006
Message-ID: <43FD1E68.5030707_at_fascination.com>

this one sure looks like a Wyoming oolitic chert to me. The limey
oolites (calcium carbonate acretions actually) have been completely
replaced by the silica from the rich volcanic ash that fell here. The
material is hard enough to take a fine polish, and cuts tough as well as
hard (hardness 7.5).
Dave F.
PS, I have a cut slice somewhere with 3/8's inch diameter ( around 10 mm
to you scientific minded) oolites in it here, again, hard and very well

jonee_at_epix.net wrote:

>This to me is more like a bauxite specimen with a typical clay matrix. While a scale would help, the semi-sphereoids seem rather large, ecentric and. The matrix is too devoid of carbonate looking material. Oolites and Oolitic limestones are much more consistent in size, small:2-4 mm, and in cross section are less variable than in this photo.
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