[meteorite-list] A reply to all involved ...

From: Michael Farmer <meteoritehunter_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Feb 23 16:28:06 2006
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As you might see, I wrote that Mark "innocently" reported about Edwin's fake
moon rock, Mark was not attacked at all. He was simply the catalyst that
started the fire. As I said yesterday, I had let this go all during Tucson,
but when Mark continued the lie, it was time to stop it. Do you agree that
misinformation should be squashed immediately? It harms everyone involved
when people report large moon meteorites that do not exist.
Mark had nothing to do with this other than reporting what he saw in Edwin's
room, and by the simple fact that he reported this 1.5 kilo moon rock,
proves that Edwin was telling everyone that BS story.
Edwin then had the nerve to claim I "had dealer envy" which is pretty
pathetic considering the amount of real, confirmed planetary material in my
display case. Let's revue, one had 11 Lunar and 10 Martian meteorites, one
had a large fake Lunar, who should have the dealer envy?

Anyway, this was an unfortunate series of events that led to this, and I
stand by all of our attempts to set the meteorite world back on track with
the truth of the matter.
Mike Farmer
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> .. in this ploy if it was one at all!
> I do hope all of you gentlemen do not forget the beer(s) you owe Mark
> Bostick.
> Mark is definitely not the evil-doer but the victim of whatever happened
> or did
> not happen in E.T.'s room. He comes home from Tucson, writes a thorough,
> detailed,
> in-depth report of what he saw to let those who did not make it to Tucson,
> who could
> not see (and touch) the Brenham main mass in person, and enjoy the joyous
> company at
> the annual birthday bash, participate in the goings-on there, well, he
> comes home to
> get his ears slapped. I'd say this deserves quite a few beers to
> compensate for the
> uncalled-for attack on him!
> My two Euros,
> Bernd
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