AW: [meteorite-list] If I can choose.....!

From: Martin Altmann <>
Date: Fri Feb 24 06:08:55 2006
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But Andi,

you'll have to repair the roof and when it is an iron most probably the
ceiling too.
On the other hand, as you're living in Germany, the type wouldn't matter as
German meteorites belong to the most expensive on Earth.
But to the others, if they don't want the rain come in,
I can only recommend, that they should let fall a Martian on their houses.
Moon is to costy per gram, we haven't such many collectors like in the
fields of fossils, antiquities, fine arts so you would have several wet
winters until you would have sold so many crumbs of your lunaite until it
will be sufficient to pay the repair. Other similar rare types sell at lower
prices and are not so asked for like Mars.
Sounds strange, but it is true.


PS: My preferred fall would be a CI - they are so crumbly, that they
wouldn't cause a damage, I could comfortably scratch the crumbs out of the
eaves gutter and it's rare, valuable and a pars pro toto for our solar
But with my luck, I'm sure during the fall there will be strong rain and all
the pieces and crumbs will be flushed to Orcus.

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Betreff: AW: [meteorite-list] If I can choose.....!

IIF iron for me, please, thanks.


If I can choose....................
Would you please make mine an aubrite?
They are so pretty, so delicate-looking, hard to believe they can survive
the impact.
And there is only 16 of them!
Anyone else?????

Anne M. Black
President, I.M.C.A. Inc.
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