[meteorite-list] LunarRover / Apollo Astronaut -Dho 1180 & PV -Ad

From: Robert Woolard <meteoritefinder_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Feb 28 01:09:05 2006
Message-ID: <20060228060903.21756.qmail_at_web32906.mail.mud.yahoo.com>

Hello List,

  All of the Apollo Astronaut sculptures that I had
have been sent to their new owners, along with their
respective DHO 1180 slices. To those of you that were
unable to reply before they were gone (including those
enjoying the 2006 Tucson show and away from the List
when I first made the announcement) I have some news
that may be of interest to you.

  These National Air and Space Museum Collection items
were limited number editions and are no longer being
made, nor available from the parent company. I was
lucky to get the initital kits, and thought they would
be the only ones I would be able to obtain. But after
the success of the earlier offer, and requests for
others, Jerry and I spent a LOT of time checking
around, and finally got lucky. We found a couple more
astronaut sculptures, AND not only that, we were also
very happy to find four Lunar Rover kits that we
weren't able to obtain during our earlier offer! As
far as we know, these are THE last Astronauts and
Rovers that we will have to offer.

   So, while these items last-- and first come, first
served--- you will get a free ASTRONAUT with the
purchase of any DHO 1180 slice for $600 or more, and
the much harder to obtain ROVER for any slice for
$1000 or more ( shipping and insurance not included ).

   You can see them pictured here on my site:




  If you do visit our site, you will also see that we
do not have very many PV pieces left for sale. These
few remaining specimens from the 34Kg main mass
include some beautiful choices, so if PV is still on
your wish list, now might be the time to make that
wish come true!

  Please email me if you are interested.

  Robert Woolard

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