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Date: Fri Sep 1 04:45:15 2006
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Hi, Rob, List,

    The ratio of the areas of Earth:Moon is roughly 16:1, but
the deflection caused by Earth's stronger gravitational reach
makes the ratio of impacts about 18:1.
    The lunar impact rate is a more accurate measure of the
meteroid flux in the vicinity of the Earth's orbit than the Earth's
impact rate is, for that reason.
    Even lunar gravity has a "focusing" effect in attracting
meteroids. The actual "space" flux of meteroids is calculated
to be about 85% to 86% of the rate implied by the impact rate
on the Earth.
    It's much harder to figure out an accurate rate of impacts on
the Earth, though. As a result, we have no firm figure to multiply
by 0.85.

Sterling K. Webb

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> ...lunar impacts are rarer than Earth ones due to the
> weak gravity of the moon and not just it's smaller
> cross-section.
> Rob McC
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