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From: Sterling K. Webb <sterling_k_webb_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun Sep 3 02:47:29 2006
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Hi, Rob, List

    The Moon being down at my location (and it being
too cloudy when it was up), I'm guessing (disclaimer).
I had a terminator map drawn up for the time of the
impact (four hours too early), but the lunar terminator
just strolls along, taking 14 days to cross the Moon, so
I doubt it's moved more than 12 miles or so in 4 hours!
    The only northern hemisphere circular feature intersected
by the terminator is J. Herschel (west and a little north of
Plato, on the northern edge of Mare Frigoris).
    It's roughly 90 miles across (156 km), a disintegrated
walled plain with a cratered south and southeast wall and
a broken, mountainous northwestern wall with a "lofty"
(H. P. Wilkin's term) mountain on its western border.
    For quick identification, it's about 25% bigger than
Plato, and most of its area is in the "dark." Look at this
terminator map on-line (also drawn for the earlier time):
    J. Herschel is the ring just above and left of the green
word MARE in Mare Frigoris.

Sterling K. Webb
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> At the moment, weather looks promising here in southern California for
> viewing the SMART-1 impact on the Moon at 10:43 pm PDT (Saturday night).
> Btw, what crater rim is that that's lit up in the northern hemisphere
> east of the terminator? Very interesting site right now (9:30pm PDT)
> with the semicircle of bright light extending into the lunar darkside.
> --Rob
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