[meteorite-list] Nice meteor video from the Russian site

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Date: Sun Sep 3 21:04:18 2006
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Hi, Darren,

    And, by all means, don't miss this extended history of the
legends and lore of meteorites throughout history:

    There is a long piece about the possible meteorite in the
Ka'aba in Meccah, sections on the use of meteorites by various
tribal groups, including Native Americans, that raises some
strange questions. Is there a 3000 kg meteorite in the altar
of Casa Grande in Mexico? A meteorite altar in an Ohio
Mound Builder tomb? What about that 742 kilo meteorite
taken from Texas to New York in 1808?

    I like this section best: "Sometimes space forces clearly interfere
in the course of terrestrial events, attempting to prevent the forces
of evil. At the moment of preparation by the Pentagon the air strike
through Iraq to the earth was thus brought down the meteor shower
Leonid. Dangers underwent the approximately 600 acting satellites
in different orbits, whose substantial part it attends the armed forces
OF THE USA. Nevertheless, the atheistic disposed American
authorities did not heed to 'warning' of skies."

    Gee, I remember when the common fodder of politicians was
the "Godless Communists" and the "atheistic" Soviets... Now,
it's the spiritual forces of space using the Leonids as anti-satellite
weaponry against the atheistic Americans and their Empire of Evil.

    It's so hard to keep all this stuff straight...

Sterling K. Webb
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