[meteorite-list] Mars Exploration Rover Update - September 1, 2006

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Date: Mon Sep 4 22:51:51 2006
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OPPORTUNITY UPDATE: Inching Closer to 'Victoria' - sol 920-927,
September 1, 2006:

Opportunity is healthy and still 218 meters (715 feet) from "Victoria
Crater." Over the weekend, the rover's shoulder azimuth joint stalled as
Opportunity was trying to start measurements on a trench it dug on Sol
919 (Aug. 25, 2006). Consequently, all weekend arm activities were
aborted, but remote science activities were executed as planned.

Beginning on Sol 923, rover arm diagnostic measurements were taken as
well as some remote sensing science. Results from the diagnostics
revealed neither cause nor any damage to the stalled joint. On Sol 924,
the arm performed flawlessly as Opportunity successfully completed the
activities originally planned for Sol 920. On Sols 925, 926 and 927
Opportunity collected more arm diagnostics (to ensure the stow before
drive would go smoothly) as well as completing all arm activities
originally planned over the weekend.

Sol-by-sol summaries:

Sol 920 (Aug. 26, 2006): Opportunity did a miniature thermal emission
spectrometer observation and other activities were aborted due to the
arm stall.

Sol 921: The rover took a panoramic camera image.

Sol 922: Opportunity used its panoramic camera and miniature thermal
emission spectrometer.

Sol 923: The rover conducted arm diagnostics and took panoramic camera
and miniature thermal emission spectrometer observations.

Sol 924: Completing the activities originally planned for sol 920,
Opportunity took a microscopic image and did an alpha particle X-ray
spectrometer observation.

Sol 925: The rover continued to do arm diagnostics and completed a
Moessbauer spectrometer observation - a completion of sol 921's
originally planned activities.

Sol 926: Opportunity continued to do arm diagnostics and completed
activities originally planned for sol 922 by taking microscopic images
and using the Moessbauer spectrometer.

Sol 927: On this sol, the rover used its Moessbauer spectrometer.

As of sol 925 (August 31, 2006), Opportunity's total odometry was
9,023.70 meters (5.61 miles).
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