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From: Sterling K. Webb <sterling_k_webb_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Sep 13 21:07:49 2006
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    Although I can't pinpoint the date, there was
a set of photos (interval-timed) from Australia
of Sydney (?) harbor. One frame showed what
appeared to be a streak from the sky striking a
lamp post on a pier. Was it a meteorite? (The
lamp was blown up.)
    One of the astronomical forums hosted a huge
discussion of the photo, analysis, frame differences,
blah, blah. Some thought it was a photo of a bug
close to the camera, some thought ball lightening,
some thought the "trail" was the shadow of a
contrail (the photo was taken at twilight sunset),
and the guy that suggested this posted a number
of photos of the shadows of contrails. I didn't
think this photo in question was explained as a
contrail shadow (calculated the sun angle and the
"shadow" angle was different).
    But there is no doubt that there IS such a thing
as a shadow from a contrail. When I Google
"contrail shadow" I get lots and lots of stuff:
    Even better, Google Images for "contrail shadow":
    Are any of these resemble what you saw, George?
    And, yes, a fireball trail could produce a
"fireball shadow," I suppose. It's just that fireballs
are a lot rarer than jets! Even a 737 or 747 is hardly
visible as an object at eight miles high (12 miles
away at an angle); military jets are even smaller
(and higher and faster).

Sterling K. Webb
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> George and list-
> It is interesting this is brought up; I have seen
> the same thing. I always thought it to be an optical
> illusion of some sort (like a reflection adjacent to
> the contrail) in the atmosphere but now George has me
> wondering also.
> Hope someone on the list has some good information
> covering this.
> Unless George and I are both goofy and seeing the
> same things..
> Mike
> --- "G. Nicula" <treasurehunter_at_chartermi.net> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> A couple of weeks ago I saw something in the sky
>> that I recalled seeing once ten years or so ago. A
>> white streak, not unlike that of a passing jet, with
>> a shadow of some sort beneath it. This time the
>> white streak appeared to be heading down to earth at
>> an angle considered foolish for any jet. The
>> blackish shadow was a mere copy of the white streak,
>> but below it. When I saw this many years ago, I
>> thought of it as some kind of shadow cast onto
>> something in the air that I couldn't see. But this
>> time the angle caused me to think that I may have
>> just missed the opportunity to view a daytime
>> fireball. Thinking back, I now remember that the
>> first time I had seen this there were several
>> streaks of this nature. Something I recently read
>> about dust has piqued my curiosity.
>> Any comments?
>> George Nicula>
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