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Date: Fri Sep 15 21:29:03 2006
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While there is no precedent for naming dwarf planets, the Small Bodies
Nomenclature Committee of the IAU


has authority over the naming of these objects (per the IAU resolution).

As with ALL asteroids, the discoverer has the naming rights and can use an
appropriate name. This may be in honor of someone, some place, or a character
from mythology or literature, for example.

There are certain rules: no political figures and no names that are the same
or similar to existing asteroids/satellites (though Eris is close to Eros).
Also, there may be some groups of asteroids that must meet certain naming
requirements (Trojan asteroids must be characters from the Trojan war). I do
not think there is any such policy for the Trans-Neptunian Objects, thus the
names provided by Mike Brown.

I like to give the example of my wife, Nancy, who is proud of the company she

5048 Moriarty 1981 GC Professor Moriarty, character in the Sherlock Holmes

5049 Sherlock 1981 VC1 Sherlock Holmes, fictional detective

5050 Doctorwatson 1983 RD2 Dr. Watson, character in the Sherlock Holmes

5051 Ralph 1984 SM *

5052 Nancyruth 1984 UT3 Nancy R. Lebofsky, American educator [MPC 25443]

3439 Lebofsky

Quoting MexicoDoug <MexicoDoug_at_aim.com>:

> "All Hail Eris" ?????????? Does the arrogance and sophomoronic Solar System
> smugness ever stop on our glorious stellar merry-go-round? Even I'm getting
> dizzy from this!
> Now we really do have cartoon dogs naming the new planetary discoveries in
> the further reaches of the Solar System without respect - like fire hydrants
> to mark out their territory (Lucy Lawless??, huh??) I heard some more bs
> gossip that "Eris" was approved as another crude joke. Backwards it spells
> "Sire", a not so discrete comment on those hording the heavenly harems and
> immortalizing themselves as The Fathers siring The new race of bodies in The
> New Solar Order.
> What ever happened to the dearly dedicated, royally respectful, warmly
> wholesome, unadulterated and contagious, patiently passionate Clyde
> Tombaugh's of days' past; the suggestions of children -in other countries-
> naming planets. The kinds of role models that you just can't enjoy anymore
> over the morning waffles. Sharing, giving, vibrant & enthusiastic attitudes
> of those whose love of the heavens eclipsed all else.
> Sterling shall I fire up the cauldrons, ready the Tar and pluck the
> chickens' feathers for you, to finish off decisively what you're starting
> with Marco, for only sharing his thoughts and opinions ... no, I'll just
> find a safe haven somewhere in the Solar System and crawl into it to watch
> the fireworks after letting off this little bottle-rocket into the
> anarchy...
> Best wishes, Doug
> Unsolicited Public Defender of Public Defenders
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