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From: Moni Waiblinger-Seabridge <moni2555_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Sep 19 06:40:32 2006
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Good Morning Michael and list,

you should be excited about this site!
Nicely put together!
Great information!
Must have kept you up many nights! ;-)

Thank you for sharing,

>From: Michael L Blood <mlblood_at_cox.net>
>To: Meteorite List <Meteorite-list_at_meteoritecentral.com>
>Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Meteorite "Hammers" (AD) Date: Tue, 19 Sep
>2006 02:09:15 -0700
>Hi All,
> About 7 years ago I stumbled upon a page in the web site of Walter
>Branch. The page was a listing of all meteorites reported to have struck
>something when they fell to earth - some man made object, animal, or
>even a human being (such as the case of Sylacauga).
> I immediately found myself entranced by these very special
>meteorites and began collecting as many of these extraordinary falls as
>possible. I had already been collecting meteorites for many years, but this
>"new" realm had an entrancing effect on me like none other before, with
>the possible exception of the obsession I developed to collect and offer
>every non-Antarctic SNC when there were only 6 of them known at the
>time (though only 4 had ever been available when I started).
> I read more and more, found other lists, began collecting photos,
>and, of course, buying at least a collection specimen of everything I could
>lay my hands on. In fact, I was so amazed at how difficult it was to find
>these precious rarities after the first dozen or so, I began in earnest to
>buy all the material I could find of the most rare varieties rarely seen
>(and I DON'T mean "rarely seen" as the term is used in eBay ads!)
> It has taken me well over 5 years to accumulate the stock I have
>built up and I have spent the last several months putting together a
>web site that not only lists each of the falls I offer in this rare
>category, but in most instances shows a photo or two of the building, car,
>roof, barn, mailbox, etc. actually struck by the meteorite.
> These are the car bashers, mailbox crunchers, house smashers,
>killers and human maulers. This is the real rogues gallery of the meteorite
> You are all invited to drop in and take a look see. I kept waiting
>and waiting to "open" this site because I always have one or two things
>"on the way" - but with over 30 falls represented, I decided I would use
>my 60th birthday as an excuse to launch this puppy.
> I am indebted to numerous people including, but not limited to,
>Walter Branch, Martin Horejsi, Bob Walker, Robert Haag, Edwin Thompson,
>Al Lang, and the list goes on & on. I hope you enjoy what you see. Many of
>the photos took many, many hours of research - and some of those were the
>easier ones to find.
> There are links to dozens of videos of the Peekskill fireball, a
>photo of .... oh, well, just go there for yourselves. Check it all out at:
> This site will be obsessively kept up to date in terms of stock
>availability. I know I haven't always done this in my regular catalog, but
>this page will be updated with each and every sale and all new material
>as it comes in on a daily basis.
> Can you tell I am excited about it?
> Best wishes, Michael
>PS: If you have or know of any applicable material not on my site that is
>available for mere money, please let me know. I will give anyone a nice
>"finder's fee" for any material I end up purchasing as a result of a lead
>given to me.
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