[meteorite-list] Metal Detector Questions

From: Paul Harris <paul_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Sep 19 21:23:48 2006
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Hi Mike,

Good question!

John's a really nice person and has been answering questions on some
of the forums.
The following link will introduce you to how he has acquired his
detector knowledge.

I didn't post John's link before because this post wasn't about
selling. John likes helping
others with their questions. From time to time we get metal detector
questions on the list
and this could be a good way to build up a FAQ section on
Meteorite-Times that everyone
can refer back to whenever needed.

We've already gotten some enthusiastic thumbs up from list members.

Thank you!


At 05:34 PM 9/19/2006, you wrote:
>Hi Paul and list, first I have a silly question. Who is John
>Tomlinson and why would he know a lot about detectors?
>Then to answer the question, I have found more than a thousand
>meteorites and 99 percent have been found with a Fisher Gold Bug 2. I
>have found a couple with the old Gold Bug. Then in more recent times I
>have three with a Pulse star 2 pro.
>My opinion is that if John has a lot of knowledge about detectors in
>general it would be great to have an artical in Meteorite times. If it
>were brand specific...well it would be much less interesting.
>On 9/19/06, Paul Harris <paul_at_meteorite.com> wrote:
>>Dear List,
>>We are looking to see if the list would be interested in a Q&A
>>feature in Meteorite-Times on Metal Detectors.
>>We have a great source, John Tomlinson. We asked John if he would be
>>willing to answer questions from
>>list members to be posted in Meteorite-Times. John has agreed but we
>>need to know from you if this would
>>be worthwhile or not.
>>John has a question for you...
>>Which metal detector have you found the most meteorites with?
>>Thank you,
>>Paul and Jim
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