[meteorite-list] Metal Detector Questions

From: Ruben Garcia <meteoritemall_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Sep 19 22:09:06 2006
Message-ID: <20060920020903.8943.qmail_at_web32513.mail.mud.yahoo.com>

Hi List,Paul, and Jim,
 I think that is a great idea! Seems that a Q&A on
metal detectors would be very interesting.
I just followed the link on John Tomlinson, and it
sounds like his is pretty knowledgeable on the

My Question is this. Aren't there are so many among us
that have an abundance of experience actually finding
thousands of meteorites with a metal detector?

Of course Mike Miller is one but what about John
Blennert, John Gwilliams, and Jim Kriegh to name a
few. On the technical side what about Bill Southern or
Marvin Kilgore.

I'm pretty sure Whites Gold Master 2,3,4 and the V-sat
as well as the Fisher Gold Bug, and Gold Bug 2 have
been the most popular hunting meteorites within the
last 10 years.


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