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"Eichst?dt (don't remember right now...help?"
"From Eichstaedt I know only, that it flopped into snow."

Hello Listees,

A quick answer that may be helpful. Quick and short because we have folks
from Perth Australia at our house who want to be shown some tourists sights
here ;-)

Cheers, Bernd

U.B. MARVIN (1996) E.F. Chladni (1756-1827) and the origins of
modern meteorite research (Meteoritics 31-5, 1996, 545-588, p. 552):

St?tz wrote that in 1785 he received a small piece of stone from his friend
the Baron Homspech, Canon of Eichst?dt and Bruchsal in Bavaria. St?tz
described the sample as ash-gray sandstone with tiny grains of malleable iron
and iron ochre scattered through it. He said it had a thin, sulfurous crust of
malleable native iron, resembling a blackish glaze streaked with traces of fiery
melt. A notarized document he received with the stone stated that at 12:00 p.m.
on 1785, February 19, a day when the countryside was covered with a foot of snow,
a worker at a brick kiln saw it fall from the clouds after a violent thunderclap.
The man rushed to the spot but found the black stone too hot to pick up until it
cooled in the snow. The document stated that the country rock of that area consisted
chiefly of fossiliferous marble that was entirely different from the stone.
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