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Date: Sat Sep 23 04:30:02 2006
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All the links in your "ARN's History of Meteorites" are dead!

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Subject: [meteorite-list] Encyclopedia of Meteorites
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Hello Michael and Pierre-Marie PELE and John
        I think John brought up the question about registration .
I think it is just a matter of preference , Pierre-Marie PELE
wants to know who is using his Website he has spent a lot of
time producing it . But there are alternatives . Such as my Website
http://www.meteorites4sale.net/ Most of the information is similar to
Pierre-Marie PELE website just in a different format with some
unique information on my site . My site is also Free and No
registration !! I don't even count the hits to my site maybe noone
uses sit anymore I don't know , But in the next 2 weeks I will update
the A through Z section .
My site began its creation in 1996 when I wrote
ARN's History of Meteorites , then the creation of the CD
Space Rocks now up to version V and 680 mb of material
and images . Check the Site for more information .
PS between the my book and 5 versions of Space Rocks
there are over 5,000 man hours of work . If you visit my site
take a look at
ARN's Guidelines to Meteorite Classification
it is still a work in progress but it is a start !!!!!!!!!
        Ken Regelman
Astronomical Research Network

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        I told you I was dumb!
        I didn't get it that it included putting up
one's own collection - all makes perfectly good
sense now...

on 9/22/06 2:21 PM, Pelé Pierre-Marie at pierremariepele_at_yahoo.fr wrote:

>Hello again to all of you,
>I think this discussion is meaningless and we lose our
>If you want to get some information about meteorites
>without registering, go to the Meteoritical Society
>My "Encyclopedia of Meteorites"' goal is to let
>members add their own collection IF THEY WANT and
>share pictures with others IF THEY WANT. I could have
>made the viewing of meteorites files without
>registration but I'm afraid most of the visitors
>wouldn't have discoverer the collection management
>feature and other cool things on the website.
>Registering involves people to be interested by the
>I like constructive comments, I spent hundreds of
>hours working on my FREE website. I really don't see
>why it's so outrageous to ask people to register ?
>To make a final point about the question of "why do we
>have to register", I would say that you had to
>register to the Meteorite-List to write to the List,
>John, and didn't complain about it. There are many
>bigger problems in our world and even more interesting
>topics about meteorites to speak about.
>Registering is part of our computer world. Didn't you
>register when you bought your PC and regstered your
>Windows software, didn't you register at your web
>provider ?
>Pierre-Marie PELE
>Découvrez un nouveau moyen de poser toutes vos questions quelque soit le
>Yahoo! Questions/Réponses pour partager vos connaissances, vos opinions et
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