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Date: Wed Sep 27 19:01:00 2006
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Actually there were many cannonballs made which weighed over 110 lbs. Rodman Cannons were made to fire a few sizes of cannonball, one of which was the 10 inch cannon. The ball was about 128 lbs for that gun and was solid iron if i'm not mistaken. Of Rodman's smoothbore cannons, the 20 inch was the mac daddy. There were only three made and they are quite astonishing.


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  Hello All,
  Dave sent me the pics of the item in question - here they are:





  Looks curious enough - I'm pretty sure that no cannonball ever weighed close to 110 lbs.
  However, the shape, the shape...it appears to be man made to me, but I just don't see any real use for such a ball of iron.

  On 9/26/06, dfpens_at_comcast.net <dfpens@comcast.net> wrote:
    I would like to show a picture of what a friend of a friend thinks might be a meteorite but I know we are not permitted attachments in our emails to the list. Any ideas of how I can post a few pictures?

    The object which this person dug up (on a 20 acre rural plot in Illinois) is very round, 9 1/4 inch in diameter and weighs 110 lbs. That's pretty much the density of iron, 7.87 g/cc or 492 lb/ft3. It's surface is rusted, but it is nearly perfectly round. The rusted surface gives the impression of thumbprints but it is simply rusted. I think it's a cannonball but am not certain that old cannonballs were this size and weighed 110 lbs.

    I filed off a chink to do a nickel test but so far haven't the right chemicals to do one.

    Any ideas?

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