[meteorite-list] Needle in a Haystack (again) - more photos

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Date: 02 Apr 2007 17:41:19 UT
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Mike B. wrote:

Just received this world class meteorite from Svend. We've already seen
pics, but (for those who care) I took some more including close-ups under
natural light. It looks even more stunning in hand:


So beautiful, so very, very beautiful! I like "haystack4" in particular because
of this neat contrast between the silvery FeNi enveloping those puzzle-like,
golden troilite patches.

Mike B. also inquired:

Has anyone seen another example of a large
shrapnel inclusion like this in a Chondrite?

Well, not exactly "shrapnel" but similar-looking aggregates in my:

1. 40.5-gram slice: Slovak (H5; S3) - FeNi-troilite aggregate is 14 mm in longest dimension
2. 8.79-gram slice: Tanezrouft 080 [L(LL)5; S2; W2)] - 10 mm FeNi-troilite aggregate
3. 23.5-gram slice: NWA 4019 (AEUC; br;pm) - 10 mm triple FeNi-troilite aggregate

Will send you pics in a private mail!

Congrats + best wishes,


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