[meteorite-list] NWA 1584 (LL5) and NWA 2826 (LL5)

From: bernd.pauli at paulinet.de <bernd.pauli_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: 03 Apr 2007 20:28:42 UT
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Hello Marcin and List,

I got my 132-gram fragment of Marcin's NWA 2826 today.
You just gotta love those regmaglypts that make it look
like the cratered surface of the Moon's south polar area
seen slantingly and you just gotta love that thick, black,
matte fusion crust.


I was wondering if it might be paired with NWA 1584, although
my crusted NWA 1584 endcut has a somewhat darker fusion crust
with contraction cracks much more conspicuous than in my NWA 2826

The bluish-gray color of the matrix would be just right in both
pieces, shock stages and weathering degree would match (S2; W1).

The fusion crust of NWA 1584 looks a tad fresher.

I also compared it to my NWA 3318 slice, another LL5, but the matrix
of NWA 3318 looks a bit duller bluish-gray than both 1584 and 2826.

Could NWA 2826 be a slightly more weathered version of NWA 1584?

Yours LL5-ishly,


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