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Hi Bob ,and List,

With the new Nevada Meteorite, Starvation Flat . I found 4 meteorites .
With these meteorite, I also found many fragments, over 100 small
pieces . I don't think that I should get numbers for all of the
fragments . That would be a waste of time. It would be like finding 100
fragments along a California Dry lake bed and having every piece
classified and numbered.

>This particular fragment depicted in the above image was found by John
Blennert of Tucson, Arizona. It is assumed that the above >fragment is
one of these original "4 Pieces" called out in Met Bull #91.

The meteorite in the picture is one of the many fragments that were
found form Starvation #3

>In the future, should another meteorite fragment be found in the
Starvation Flat area, but not at the same coordinates as the original
>find, it would be prudent to get a provisional number assigned to it
(most likely Starvation Flat 002) particularly if there is no intention
>to have that find undergo an involved pairing process.

The correct number would be 005 ! I think you should change your post
 from Nevada Pic of the Day , To fishing for Nevada Meteorite
information of the Day!



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