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From: Rob McCafferty <rob_mccafferty_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2007 11:34:19 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <238635.95134.qm_at_web50902.mail.re2.yahoo.com>

This mail is public domain.
We all have many faults. Mine is sticking my nose in
where it's not wanted. I do not mean to cause offense
to anyone with this mail.

I know many people will appreciate it's sentiments. I
just lack that part of the mind that makes you keep
your mouth shut when you know it's best not to rock
the boat.

I gave Mike a raw deal a week or so ago about going
ballistic and he's been damned decent about it
considering I'm a nobody.

I really like Mike and his in you face attitude. I
also like the fact there's a certain animosity between
you (That's an understatement).

Many would suggest I am a fool for trying but as you
and I have never had any dealings before, I hope you
will take this in the spirit it is meant.

Many of your recent postings have been vitriolic and
unhelpful, and aimed at lots of different people. I do
not know you. I appreciate you may have a fiery
temperament. Things people say are not always a slur
against you. When they are, (and I agree many are) you
are a bigger man to ignore it

As a final point, sometimes you make points about
others which are unduly negative without provocation.
Really, there is no need for this, We are all capable
of forming our own opinions. We do not need your input
to do this.

If I misinterpret your mails, I apologise. I realise
your English may not be perfect but I acknowledge it
is a darn sight better than my Italian.

It's just in the short time I've been on this list I
know many people have left because of the vitreol
which you inevitably have been part of. While this may
be a fault of those people for not appreciating the
ability to speak freely, I still think we should try
to be civil.

I'm sorry if I talk out of turn to someone who has
accuired such a magnificent collection compared to
mine. I mean no disrespect. I would hope one day to
shake your hand and maybe go for a drink (oh and see
your rather splendid collection up close) but I know I
speak for many who would appreciate a more subdued
contribution from you in future.

Damn. I wish I could write that in Italian. I only
learned German, Russian and French at school.

Rob McC

PS. This is the first email I feel I am going to
regret since that one I sent to the ministers
daughter....ohhh noo! I'm not saying any

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