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..... to be meteorite-related in my emails instead of other members.

So continuing, I want tell few words about my Gao-Guenie (C) (very

I was lucky to receive this small chondrite together with my very first 1kg
Gao purchased directly from Burkina Faso in 2002. When I opened parcel, this
one was like lemon in box full of cherrys. Smoth crust, very clean, low
magnetic like typical L chonrite. Very nice complete specimen with compare
of ugly dirty, broken Gaos.

Unfortunatelly after next few years and many kilo of received Gaos I have
never find any other specimen different than Gao. This was very paintfull,
and all the more when others was lucky to find Gao (B), rare CR2.

Here are the photos

I dont want to cut this specimen more, becouse of this iron-troilite
inclusion. I have thin section but type specimen was "lost in space"
somewhere in Silesian University where I give this years ago for analyse.
Thin section was found but endpiece not so without this I cant make it

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