[meteorite-list] New to list. My first meteorwrong or meteorite??

From: jacob morse <gs70350_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2007 20:55:05 -0500
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Hello to everyone. I have become very excited about this hobby and research
field after picking up what i believe to be an iron meteorite while looking
for arrowheads as a hobby. Ive looked down at the ground for all my life
and have found and analyzed many unique rocks and minerals, not to mention
my artifact collection. This one struck my eye as something unique. When
my wife asked me what it was, i told her slag, but after looking at it
closely it didnt resemble any slag id ever seen. After looking at it with a
magnifying glass, i saw crystalization all along a fusion like crust with
flow lines and indications of extreme temperature that were on two sides of
the rock. Around it it appeared to have fractured off of another rock of
the same sort once impacting the ground.

I hit the rock several times with a hammer and fractured it, broke off a
chunk, and looked inside. It is an amazing spectacle of shiny metal with
blue and green inclusions. solid and dense. specific gravity is 6.87.

Had a metal castings analyst run it through a spectrometer and he notified
us that is is 6% nickel, 70% iron, and 9% chromium. He didnt have the exact
numbers, as he had already shipped it back to me, but he insured it as he
thought it could very well be a meteorite.

If someone wants to upload pictures, email me and ill send you a few.
What should I do now?
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