[meteorite-list] Publishing a book of photographs on meteorite thin sections

From: Mal Bishop <magbish3_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2007 03:08:11 -0400
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Tom, Jeff, and list,

Since I've been out of touch for a while, I have question regarding micro
Specially, "art house" type publication involving micro photography.

After seeing Tom Phillips' stunning images of the meticulously prepared
slides by Jeff Hodges it hit me,
has anyone every published a book of photographs on meteorite thin sections
-- sort of a coffee
table "art book" (i.e. a pictorial essay)? If not, I would think Tom,
Jeff, and others involved in this discipline,
in one form or another, might possible be persuaded to think along these

Maybe, we as a community could even offer to contribute financially towards
such a project
to see that such a beautiful, rare sub discipline of art and science be
made available to all. I know I would!
It would also be kind of neat to see the meteorite community here, and the
IMCA as well, be recognized publicly for our involvement
to promote science, and meteoritics! We could be a catalyst in stirring
the fertile ground of imagination of the young (and older of us as well).
Except for the few in the scientific community, and a few other devotees,
most of us who enjoy meteorites really never
get a chance to really see such awe-inspiring, high quality, detailed
images of one aspect of our hobby. It would even perhaps
help to stir more interest in science, and meteoritics in particular, to
the public at large -- especially school age children.

I know some of you have published in the past in one form or another, and
know of possible publishing houses that may wish to help in
such an endeavor -- for a fee of course. :-)

Just a thought.

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