[meteorite-list] This is the funniest meteorite dealer I'veseen?

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How about this other "meteorite" finder?
Dear sir
I know the stone which have any properties :
The first :Large Size : 22 kg
The second : 2,7 kg ( like  as the finger )
When i put it in the Iron tank (have water, only Iron ,not aluminium or
copper) ).This stone wouldn't sink,it hang near botton.
When i put it near the mirror,the mirror will be cracked.
When i put it near the match so that the match will be deactive.
When i put it near the Neon light,the neon will be off.For the long time,the
insulated wire will be burn
When i put the Ring near it,the yellow colour will be change white colour.
When i hold it,I'm dead tired some days.
Can you tell me What are they ?
Thank a lot .
Best regard
        Pretty scary!
on 4/10/07 8:31 AM, Randy Korotev at korotev at wustl.edu wrote:
> The fellow who made that web site sent me photos of 112 rocks (6.6
> Mbytes!) in 2005.  Many of the photos he sent (all?  I didn't check
> them all) were the same as the ones on the web site.  He asked my
> opinion about the rocks.  I gave him my opinion.  He sent me chemical
> analyses of three of them.  None of the data were consistent with
> meteorites.  I told him that.
> It must be pleasant living life as an eternal optimist.
> Randy Korotev
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