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From: Dave Harris <entropydave_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 21:14:56 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time)
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Thank you for your offer of material.
If you had any real involvement in true meteorites you would know that there
are a variety of technical protocols they have to undergo for formal
identification and cataloging - a process that takes a couple of years

We are quite happy in the knowledge that this material is not meteoritic,
they have not been submitted to the correct institutions for analysis, nor
have they been published in any of the recognised papers.

The anecdotes you relay regarding recoveries are totally at odds with
hundreds of years of falls and finds and I can assure you that mineral
phases that you describe occur on Earth too. But you do not find silica!
There is more to meteorites than isotopic analysis, what about presolar
gases, nanodiamonds, kerogens, shock glasses, IMBs and so on.

I am concerned that you have been mis-selling your material and I would like
a complete list of all of the individuals you have been using for analysis
and also the institutions to whom you have been selling it to.

Your tests prove nothing - anyone can crib data and attribute it to their
piece of rock. Have you sent any material to Dr Jeff Grossman, Dr, Monica
Grady, Dr. Sara Russell?

As much as I'd like to continue this discussion, I am afraid that I can see
that, like everyone I have received "meteorites" from, and have had them
resolved as terrestrial material, just do not like to believe their rocks
are "ordinary". I guess it's human nature.

Electron microprobes, XRD and XRF will tell you nothing if you do not
compare it with the real thing, Mag Sus is not an important aspect of
meteorites as their flux density is often changed by terrestrial influences.

Do as you wish, but being a "registered dealer in Meteorites" means
absolutely nothing - but of course, if you have been selling material that
latterly turns out to be fake, then you are responsible for making good.

I wish you luck in your endeavours and thank you for your time to reply.

Dave Harris


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From: Bigred3107 at aol.com
Date: 04/10/07 19:48:30
To: entropydave at ntlworld.com
Subject: Re: Your meteorite site
I have to inform you that all of your "meteorites" are definitely fake. You
show a page from 1728.pdf. I have this paper - your fancy chart is NOT in it
- hence you are misrepresenting the material you are selling.
Hi Dave, The 1728 pdf chart is used to show how exhibit 2 Mars meteorite
plots on John Brandenburgs oxygen isotope chart for CI / Mars plots, and
exhibit 2 Mars plots as a Mars meteorite, and all the test results offer
this proof as well.
I have to inform you that all of your "meteorites" are definitely fake
The Oxygen Isotopes, Electron Microprobe, SM-30 Magnetic Susceptibility, XRF
 and XRD prove our meteorites , you having experience in the meteoritic
field should know this ?
Far too many of the minerals you mention do NOT occur in meteorites (ie
quartz). There are so many aspects incorrect with your claims that I cannot
begin to start to list them
All of the Mineral phases done by XRD on our meteorite samples have been
found in meteorites, again You should know this, there are plenty of
internet web pages to teach you about mineral phases found in meteorites.
Please take this advice from someone who has MANY years of experience
dealing with meteorites. I would respectfully request that you edit or
remove your claims
Starchasers Meteorites will not edit or remove our claims, our meteorites in
our collection have had the proper tests done to prove they are meteorites,
and the witnessed falls are true and correct. I would be happy to dispute
with you our claims, and offer you the paperwork done from the science labs
that offer satisfaction evidence to make you believe. We have donated many
meteorite sample pieces from our collection to Science labs, Space
institutes,and Universities. A meteorite can only be fully classified, and
curated with the proper tests completed, and our meteorites that have been
classified on our web site have had all the needed tests to confirm them as
being from the Moon, or Mars.
I would happy to help you, and I will be sharing your response with other
experts to ensure that you are not misinformed
Dave Harris
IMCA #0092

  Starchasers Meteorites is a registered meteorite dealer in the State of
ILLinois, and we have a Federal Tax ID #.
 Starchasers Meteorites does not need help with confirming a meteorite, When
the proper tests are completed meteorites are identified. If you would like
pieces of meteorites in our collection for your own study to show you proof
let me know , I will send you some free of charge. As allways We guarrantee
the Authenticity of all meteorites we sell 100% guarrantee ! Happy Meteorite
Hunting, Mitchell R. Minor
Starchasers Meteorites
Mitchell R. Minor
fax (815)740-4071
cell (815)545-5803

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