[meteorite-list] New information from Nomenclature re: provisional names and numbers

From: Notkin <geoking_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 10:34:46 -0700
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Bob V. posted:

> Guess I'm just jealous that Sonny gets to do things
> his way, and I'm forced to abide by "guidelines".

Dear Bob:

Correct me if I'm wrong, please, but your posts seem to infer that
Sonny is in some way acting in an improper manner regarding his finds.

I've had the pleasure of hunting for meteorites with Sonny in seven
states in the Union. I've also stayed at his house, seen his impressive
collection of finds, and been privileged to inspect his extensive field
data. I've never seen anyone keep more meticulous records of his finds,
or act in a more responsible and respectful way regarding private
property, hunting regulations, etc.

Anyone who has made a significant meteorite discovery knows it's common
sense to complete work in the new find zone before making data public.
I think that's better for the community than "hogging" scores of
provisional numbers for one's personal use later on. The view certain
people hold that such-and-such a lake bed is "my area" is the kind of
mentality that drives decent people like Ruben Garcia out of the field.
When someone like Ruben gives up meteorites, the community as a whole
is diminished by the loss.

I agree with you that some meteorite hunters fail to report their finds
accurately, but Sonny is not one of those people.


Geoff N.
Received on Wed 11 Apr 2007 01:34:46 PM PDT

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