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Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 12:08:45 -0700
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Hello List,
I too am sorry to read about Ruben's recent decision. He, Mike
Miller, and Sonny have all made great contributions to the meteorite
community. It's too bad that some "certain personalities" played a
role in Ruben deciding to give up meteorite hunting.

Over the past several years I too have noticed some members of our
loosely knitted group try to exert influence on meteorite hunters to
do things "their" way. This whole issue of provisional names, in my
opinion, is not necessary for everyone. If someone, a few people, or
a group of people want to follow this convension, good for
them. That doesn't mean, however, that every one must do it. This
also doesn't mean that the "maverick" hunters are any less diligent
in recording their finds and keeping good and accurate records to be
submitted to the Nom. Comm. at the proper time.

There are some California meteorite hunters who I consider good
friends and, as best as I can tell, aren't involved in this
controversy. Let's not lump every one from California, or those who
hunt in California, together. Many of them go about their business
quietly without any publicity stunts or chest pounding. In fact, you
have to search out the facts about these people to find out about
their accomplishments because they generally are pretty quiet about
their work.

Keeping ones active find sights a secret is important to meteorite
hunters. Anyone can tell you that as soon as a new meteorite is
announced (particularly here in the Western USA) meteorite hunters
start showing up in droves. Now before anyone points a finger at me,
I'll admit I've done the same thing. I've found meteorites in places
where someone else found them first. Once the location becomes a
matter of public record, anyone can go right to the spot providing
the correct location is recorded. Lucerne Dry Lake is a good
example, as is Franconia.

When meteorite hunter has invested lots of time and money to locate
meteorites in a new location, I believe he (she) has a right to
protect their investment by keeping the location quiet until they can
finish their work there. I know there is a level of confidence that
exists with many of the people on the academic and scientific side of
the process, but I know that there have been instances where some
persistent people have been able to acquire some locations that
should have been kept confidential.

In closing, I want to let you all know that like Ruben, I have lost
much of my enthusiasm for meteorite hunting and meteorites in
general. I didn't attend the Tucson Show this past February which was
just the second time in twenty years I haven't gone. It might just
be me, or it might just be the way everything changes with time, but
"things" have changed, in my opinion, and most of the changes haven't
been for the better. The ongoing debate about who can hunt where,
government regulations that are almost impossible to find in print
and the unanswered questions about who actually owns meteorites found
on Public Land has complicated things to the point of frustration for
many people. It's no wonder that people are becoming disenchanted
and finding something else to do with their spare time.

Sorry about the long post,


At 11:16 AM 4/11/2007, Gerald Flaherty wrote:
>Ruben, I'm sorry to hear about your decision and for the reasons
>behind it. I have enjoyed reading about your exploits through the
>List over the years.
>Good luck in any endeavor you choose to pursue.
>Jerry Flaherty
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>Hi all,
>It is with sadness and regret that I am writing today.
>I've been thinking about this for some time now, and
>today I have made my final decision. Let me explain.
>Due to certain personalities in this hobby I have
>grown more and more disenchanted with meteorites,
>meteorite collecting and meteorite hunting.
>Also, in February I was told by my dermatologist to
>stay out of the sun. This is because of non-cancerous
>lesions that have appeared on my face and hands over
>the last year. According to him my attempts at
>covering up are not working. Since I am allergic to
>sun block I am pretty much out of luck.
>I've always said that when this hobby ceased being fun
>I'd cease doing it. I'm done.
>To make a long story short, I have already taken down
>my website and will remove myself from this forum
>a.s.a.p. I will no longer write about meteorites or
>meteorite hunting. I am walking away from all the
>trouble and trouble makers. It's just not worth it.
>Unfortunately, I'll also leave behind the fun and
>excitement that I used to have when finding meteorites
>with my son, or teaching a newbie.
>I will honor any deals or agreements regarding
>meteorites that I've made in the past.
>Don't feel sorry for me or my son though. I'm sure
>that we'll start doing all the things normal Fathers
>and Sons do. Diamondbacks and Suns games here we come!
>Thanks to everyone that helped make the last 9 years
>Ruben Garcia
>Ruben Garcia
>Phoenix, Arizona
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