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Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 20:46:17 +0200
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Dear List,

The circular describing the 8th international meteorite show ?
Ensisheim 2007 ? is ready. You can find it at the following web site
(from next Monday April 16 on):
I can also provide the circular (in English or French) by mail, on request.

The main characteristics/changes/warnings? of the 2007 editions are
(among) the following:

June 16 and 17, 2007 (week-end preceding the St Marie mineral show).
Friday 15 is the ?dealers day?.

2007 theme:
Meteorites: weird shapes, internal beauties.
Illustrated by a dual lecture on Saturday by Z. Gabelica (?odd
morphologies??) & R. Warin (?Thin sections: open windows to
cosmology?) as well as by the usual permanent thematic exhibit:
?meteorite samples involving unusual external shapes and strange
sections? from private collections??
(btw: we still need samples for display. Please contact me off list).
Alain Carion will exhibit in a side-window of the museum, in preview,
a fragment of the new French meteorite ?Saint-Ouen-en-Champagne?. This
is our ?wild card??

On Sunday, Nico Mettler (Winterthur, CH) will describe his recent
1000+ km expedition through the Great Sand Sea desert (Lybia-Egypt) in
search for Lybian Desert Glass (LDG) samples, through a lecture
entitled ?LDG: a quest for an enigma?.
The Regency walls will be decorated by original drawings of our young
artists, featuring ?Meteorite hunting in hot deserts? (a contest).

Friday PARTY:
As in 2006 a dinner-party (absolutely unavoidable!) is again scheduled
on Friday June 15 (from 19:00) at ?La Couronne? hotel, in their
outside resort (as in 2006, we have asked the weather to co-operate).
Party can end any time.
Two special meals are proposed for 25 euro, everything included,
except beverage (hey, if beverage were included, bankrupt of ?La
Couronne? guaranteed!).
Everybody (organizers, dealers, close friends, ?loose? friends,
relatives, related?) attending (or not) the enthroning ceremonies and
the ?friendly drink? that follows (Friday late afternoon, about
18:00), is welcome!
Fun guaranteed! (Ask the 70+ last year participants!).
And ask for a wake-up call if you don?t want to miss the start of the
?meteorite hot rush? the next morning?

Other meals:
Saturday and Sunday lunches (served at ?La Couronne?) and the Saturday
dinner (traditional ?roasted wild boar? served on the main ?dancing?
square) will now be prepared by the team of cooks from ?La Couronne?.
Friendly prices (17.5 euro for a complete menu) were negotiated. If
you wish the special vintage ?Ensisheim-Meteorite 1492? Pinot Gris to
accompany your meals, it will be permanently available at its tag price.
The Guardians Confraternity is still permanently providing all other
traditional snacks, including the very popular ?tarte flamb?e?
(alsacian pie), all served outside on the main square (or inside the
sun-protected tent, - rain is neither invited nor envisaged).
All the other activities on the main square (beer, wine sale, beer,
tee shirts, beer?) are maintained.

Besides the 3 traditional hotels (La Couronne, Niemerich, Cheval
Blanc), the brand new hotel ?Le Domaine du Moulin? is now open. It has
the ?La Couronne? standard (4 stars) and is as close to the "Regency"
(200 m ? or more, depending on how thirsty you were during the
I haven?t visited it yet but heard that a double room, breakfast
included, costs around 70-75 euro, a reasonable price even with the
stronger euro).

5 new ?brothers?.
This year, Anne Black (US), Reiner Bartoschewitz (D, Gifhorn
organizer) & wife, Alex Seidel (D) and Serge Neunlist (F, our
university president and?new meteorite lover) will become the new
(Gosh, I have the feeling having forgotten someone?)

What is maintained in 2007:
Table prices, entrance fee (4 euro for adults), table number (limited
to 55) and their positions in rooms, reservation procedure (just write
me!) and contacts. Also?Marcin?s cutting saw on the main square.
And the FUNNY (crazy ?) characteristic and ever smiling ambience, of course!

What is not maintained:
Just meteorites sold in 2006....
Thus much, much new and hot (or cold!) stuff!
I bet some of the beauties to be offered are yet to be found?.We
expect a great 2007 ?vintage?!

Ensisheim meteorite repositories:
My recently updated compilation of Ensisheim meteorite repositories
will be distributed to all participants.
(hey, it is more than time to provide me the kilos(!) you have hidden
in your collection!)

Many people did already reserve their tables by mail. I will now be
starting compiling their requests and finalize their places.
HOWEVER, as I had several periods of mail troubles, may I ask everyone
who did already reserve a table in the past, to CONFIRM THEIR
RESERVATION (mail) once again from now on ?
This is easier for me to handle, and safer for you.

We still have free tables. I recommend you don?t reserve too late!
And our former guests who did not yet sent their traditional ?hello?,
are urgently requested to confirm (or cancel) their wish to keep their
usual tables at their favorite place.

Web sites:
You note that a new private web site (see above) was just created (a
couple of days ago).
The site of ?ville-ensisheim?, still mentioned on the circular, will
again be fully operating soon.
Very soon also you may find all the info related to the 2007 show at
the web site of Nick Gessler (UCLA), with whom close contacts are

My strong wish is to dedicate this 2007 edition to those people who
recently had health problems that perturbed their meteorite passion.
Here I mean Joel Schiff, Walter (and Rebekah) Branch, Iris Lang,
Walter Zeitschel and a few others (I have not here my complete list).
I hope our thoughts will help them to recover even more promptly.

And I also wish we all bear in our memories the late Rolf B?hler,
outstanding meteorite lover and personal friend of many of us, me
included. Rolf deceased 2 years ago but the sad news just came a few
weeks ago?.

Well, that?s about all folks.
There is much more to be said but I prefer you now ask specific questions.

My last wish is that Ensisheim, just as all the other at least as
famous shows or events, closely or subtly related to our beloved
meteorites (Gifhorn, Tucson, Santa Mesa, Munich, Ste Marie?.), bring
to all of us again passion, fun, meteorite faith (Ruben, Sonny?never
loose it!) and friendship.
(you want my secret, though probably completely unrealistic dream
?...it is to see Mike and Mateo drinking a beer together one year in
Ensisheim?...even if not at the same table!).

Best wishes,

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