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Hi list. Paul has set up a new batch to my Meteorite Micrograph Gallery
hosted by Meteorite Times.


The new material is:

Santa Vitoria do Palmar (L3)
NWA 999 Eucrite
NWA 2086 CV3
NWA 2090 CO3
SAH 99555 Angrite

The Angrite is imaged at 400X, 760X and 2100X. I was just testing the
limits with the 2100X. They are not as fine an image as I would like, but they
are cool and interesting. The 400X shots really show off the unique structure
of the Angrite. I think you all would enjoy them.

The thin sections: Santa Vitoria do Palmar (L3), NWA 999 Eucrite, and SAH
99555 Angrite were a loan from Jeff Hodges.

The NWA 2086 CV3 and NWA 2090 CO3 were reflected light examination of highly
polished thick slices provided by Mike Farmer.

Thanks for looking and please let me know how you liked the 2100X Angrite.
If it is a waist of time, I would still like to know. Jeff had a custom thin
prepared for this that was polished to 1/4 micron on both sides! We will do
more it is thought to be worth while.

Tom Phillips

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