[meteorite-list] OT:Chinese Fake Meteorite= Mail Fraud 3 BAD knowingly and willingly---Delete if not interested

From: ken newton <magellon_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 16:20:16 -0400
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Adam, Dirk and List,
You are correct. Wholesale*gem (aka- mineralmall, mineral-station) is a
dishonest seller and not someone who is misinformed. Please note what a
'winning bidder' related:

" I bought 2 a few months ago and immediately returned them. I had to
leave a positive feedback in order to get my refund. I complained to
ebay that they were selling items falsely represented, but never heard
back from them. Wholesale gem also has a way of blocking most of their
feedback. I don't know why ebay continues to let them sell. I hope that
you weren't taken also. If so, make a complaint to ebay. Maybe if they
get enough people doing this, they'll shut them down. Thanks ... J"

Complaints are obviously key but I am puzzled why eBay acts on some and
not others.

Ken Newton #9632
http://tinyurl.com/27bkgk (IMCA - China Scam)

drtanuki wrote:

>Dear List, Please kindly disregard if not interested.
> For those of you that want to check out this seller,
>WHOLESALE*GEM, scam have a look at his feedback
>history, especially his EARLY feedback with many
>questionable mystery positive feedbacks.
> This sellers continues to sell his "meteorites" even
>though he was advised by more than one buyer that he
>was not selling meteorites.
> Recently he is keeping his bidders private so that
>no one can contact them.
> Anyone with good contacts in eBay please contact
>them for an investigation. Thank you.
> Best, Dirk Ross...Tokyo
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