[meteorite-list] Scientists find most Earth-like planet yet

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Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 21:03:10 -0500
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    The Key Word is SPECULATE!
That's all we can do while we try to
get more data, but speculation refreshes
the curiosity, sometimes makes us think
harder about the problems, and pushes
us along.
    Hmm. Mars is only a stone's throw?
Why don't we GO there? (I'll chip in
for gas...)

Sterling K. Webb
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       Hi Paul,
    I'm no scientist, but your thoughts on this are the same as mine. This
star is 20 light years from us, and yet we somehow deduce that a planet
going around it has "balmy temperatures". They're still trying to speculate
about possible life on Mars and it's a stones throw away from us.
    Greg Lindh
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