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Hi Mike ,

Thanks for the pictures. Way to go with the great finds!
Congratulations to all!


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The photos that Greg posted were great, but even more
people were here. It was impossible to get all in the
same place at the same time. Here is a complete list
of the hunters.
Michael Farmer
Jim Strope
Devin Schrader
Jack Schrader
Robert Ward
Moritz Karl (all the way from Germany for this)
Patrick Herrmann (all the way from Canada)
Blaine Reed
Mike Martinez
Matt Morgan
Lee Morgan (Mat's dad)
Hans Koser (Came from Uruguay to hunt with us)
Bob Haag
Montana Bob (full name unkown)
Greg Hupe
Charlie Snell
I hope I have not forgotten anyone, but after 6 days
in the rugged terrain I am a little tired.
We all ate and drank together, hunted together, and
celebrated some fantastic meteorite finds together.
Not a cross word spoken, or a problem amongst us. We
enjoyed weather from hot to snowing and everything in
Anyway, it was great fun, and the last of us will hunt
today. Many had to leave a day or so ago. Hopefully I
will be able to announce a large piece found today,
but I won't hold my breath, this meteorite is one of
the tougher ones to hunt that I have ever been on.
Michael Farmer
PS more photos to come in a couple of days, we have
many but no way to post them to the list until we get
back to Tucson Friday night.

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