[meteorite-list] Possible New "BL" Meteorite - Plus some other cutephotos

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Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 22:43:26 +0100
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You have the same as my NWA 2826 LL5 (aka NWA 2053 and many others)
This is very good material, fresh, with many interesting inclusions, visible
chondrules (thats why it should be LL5 not LL6) and very very large
troilites (well visible on photos at rusty spots)

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> Yesterday I sat down and did some cutting. I have a 3
> kilo meteorite that looks somewhat like what I was
> selling as the affectionately nicknamed "BL" meteorite
> a couple years ago. I dont have any left to compare
> but if anybody has some take a look at this:
> http://www.ilovenewfoundland.com/ebay-photos/nwa4649.html
> This looks like it might be a more weathered "BL".
> The little grey spot in the upper left of the first
> photo is something that I have only ever seen on the
> "BL" meteorite.
> For a couple years there I just gave up on getting
> classifications done (I am still waiting on some that
> I submitted since 2001 so I just stopped bothering
> with classifications) but now that I have my own
> classification service and can get classifications
> done in around six months this one has been
> classified.
> On this webpage I also included a few other cute
> photos that I found while cutting yesterday that I
> thought somebody might like.
> Cheers
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