[meteorite-list] Possible New "BL" Meteorite - Plus some other cutephotos

From: PolandMET <marcin_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 23:46:00 +0100
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> --- PolandMET <marcin at polandmet.com> wrote:
>> Dean
>> You have the same as my NWA 2826 LL5 (aka NWA 2053
>> and many others)
>> This is very good material, fresh, with many
>> interesting inclusions, visible
>> chondrules (thats why it should be LL5 not LL6) and
>> very very large
>> troilites (well visible on photos at rusty spots)
> I think that you have just pointed out a problem in
> general with classifying meteorites.
> The piece that I sent in for classification wasnt
> nearly as nice as the larger cut in my photo. I didnt
> realize that it was so nice until yesterday when I
> started cutting it up. If I had used a different
> sample I would probably have gotten the different
> classification.
> Sincerely DEAN

Yes ofcourse, thats only problem of the type specimen.
I wanted to let everyone know to which "family" this sample belongs.
LL6, LL5, not big difference, but more accurate in that case is LL5.

Im alvays astonished how specimens of single find can show on the Morocco
market for every several months/years.
First was I think Mike's NWA2053 on 2003, then mine NWA2826 on 2004, then I
remember Andi's oriented specimen around 2005-2006, and now this one at end
of 2007.
Also I think I have seen one small sample at Munich show.
Thats never ending storry :)

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