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Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 20:47:06 -0800 (PST)
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Sterling wrote:
Rather than being an academic product, it is published
by SIL International, an organization that attempts
to translate The Bible into every language of man.
Despite their considerable linguistic efforts, the
has generated considerable controversy as well:

Sterling and list,
I find very little controversy involved with SIL and
their sister organization Wycliffe. I have allowed
their aviation enabling arm (JAARS) to train their
new pilots in a field I own for several years now and
have found them to be one of the best groups of people
as well as the most competent pilots that I have ever
met. Each pilot is also an airframe and power-plant
mechanic. They use short take-off and landing
airplanes which allows them to get into and out of my
20 acre field which is ringed with trees. This field
is to their liking because it allows them to simulate
to their trainees the type of flying that will be
required in many remote areas around the world where
they are doing translation work. They don't ask for
money but many Churches and other organizations give
them support and they seem to get enough to do the
To make this relate to meteorites, this group has
asked me to speak to their trainees on meteorites and
show them some examples on several occasions and I
have complied. It is always gratifying to see how
interested they are in the subject. They're primarily
concerned with translating the Bible, but I'll
question them to see if they know how many of these
languages might have reference to meteorites in them.
Thanks and
My best,
Thomas H. Webb

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