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marcin at polandmet.com writes:
This AD is dedicated to Annie Black :)

Im sure everyone like to see rarest or the rarest recovered samples of
Carancas meteorite.
There was many specimens recoveded by Mike Farmer, Bob Haag, finally even
Campo King Hans Koser. But I have never seen any sample with more than
10-20-30% crust or slickensides (shock veins).

Here I have even 100% complete specimen. Impossible ?
I also thinked that this is impossible since whole mass hit the ground and
make famous mud hole ever and remaining samples changed into dust clound or
5mm fragments scattered around.

But I was lucky to find this samples and I cant belive it that they survive
in one piece.
Ok, no more talks, lets enjoy photos.


PS. I was not in Carancas :)

Thank you Marcin!! ;-)

I can't believe how many people are reading my emails today. It must be a
very slow news day.

Anne M. Black
IMPACTIKA at aol.com
Vice-President, I.M.C.A. Inc.

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