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Hi Pete, List

Thanks for the extra kind post. Of course, if the object orbiting
physically flipped that would be one heck of a magnet! On the other hand,
there is nothing preventiing a liquid metallic core from reorienting in a
"sinusoidal" (sorry for the five-dollar word, but you said you were an
electrical engineer :-)) manner of migration and always being magnetic under
Jupiters influence, though we have seen that this is a relatively a very,
very weak magnet by our standards. That could be what is happening on
Jupiter's satellite moon Io, time to ask an expert. But the flip
requirement kind of points to ruling out a polar orbiting chunk of sold iron
being magnetizeable in situ. That's why the equatorial orbit is the best

Actually it might be a philosophical question as to whether an iron orbiting
object close in to Jupiter is a permanent magnet, like, if no one hears a
tree fall in the forest does it make a sound? It is inductively coupled to
Jupiter as long as it is in there, so who's to say what is permanent. Like
if I had an electromagnet containing ferromagnetic material - without the
option of turning it off. Anyway, just some mulling about. Remember,
Europa is shielded by the electrolytic oceans, so it isn't fair to consider
what happens there as representative of the field from which it is shielded.

Best wishes, Great Health,

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> Doug, Tracy, et all
> Doug, I like the way you analyze the situation. To the best of my
> knowledge, you have
> correctly put it. How did you think of the flip as it crossed the pole?
> One step further---
> it must flip at each pole crossing, ie "North" and "South".
> An excellent example of deductive reasoning.
> Tracy, thank you for such a thought provoking question.
> This is just what type of people we need graduating from our schools to
> get back up on top
> in the scientific community.
> Pete
> PS This sort of discussion is what makes the list so valuable.
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