[meteorite-list] Non Destructive testing of possible Iron Meteorites

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Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 23:11:05 -0600
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Hi Elton, Listees,

I'm appreciating everyone's super comments and will respond to these kindly
offered ideas (optimistic, realistic and negative) and friendly concerns
weighed together, in one email after hopefully even more feedback.

But Elton needs more data, this is the best I can do (and I went to work on
it right away). I am very sorry not to have my stereo microscope up and
running, all the big toys are currently in storage for reasons beyond my
control which are frustrating. Same link, www.diogenite.com/maybe.html .
Marsbug had to go and is replaced by picture #6, a close up which I hope can
bridge some of the gap on surface detail. Please click on the smaller image
it to see the full size image if this is useful data for you.

still hope to get more comments...

Best wishes, Great Health,

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> To test for exclusion, that is to exclude this from being a meteorite,
> my take is to determine the Specific Gravity ranges of Irons and the
> range for Ataxites. Conduct a SpGr analysis on the specimen. I would
> use distilled water given that it has been exposed already but if one
> chooses not to, then use an indexed non aqueous fluid.( Alcohol,
> mineral oil, etc.) If the specific gravity of the specimen falls
> outside the known ranges then it is a candidate for exclusion.
> All that said I've never seen an iron meteorite shaped like this one.
> the lack of major rusting is a red flag. So is the shape, so is the
> texture. This looks more like a pitted artifact from a ball
> mill/smelting operation.
> However this could be a new learning experience to attempt!
> Could we see a close up microscopic view of the surface?
> Elton
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