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Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 11:55:04 EST
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Hi List, A very interesting post. It seems electrical discharge is being
seen as not likely for chondrule formation.

I have seen chondrules with many types of structures that seem to defy the
conventional view of shock wave formation. Some have intertwined tubular
features that resemble a barred chondrule in 3D. SaU 001 exhibits these type
quite well but they are sparse. Any thoughts on the subject of chemical
reactions , migrations of minerals etc. causing some of these unique forms and
perhaps the chondrules themselves?

We see Widmanstatten Patterns form out of this process. Could this "TYPE"
of process be at work with dust clumps under much lighter pressure than the

Go to my Micrograph Gallery
http://www.meteorite.com/meteorite-gallery/meteorite-images/SaU-001-Zoom-3.jpg This link should take you right to the
image that provides a great example of what I am talking about. It is taken in
reflected light which preserves visual details that transmitted cross
polarized light obscures.

I would humbly argue this formation does not "LOOK" to be formed by a shock
wave. I think many of the chondrule structures took a very long time to
develop and many were as a result of rapid cooling.

Tom Phillips

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